Sunday, 14 January 2018

Kevin Spicey.


Kevin Spacey.

A brilliant actor. A powerful performer. A total pervert.

Unbelievable what he did. And he almost got away with it too. But thankfully someone had the balls to come forward and expose him (as opposed to him exposing himself) for what he was, and what he has been all along. For if said exposing had happened sooner - like immediately after the fact - he'd still be acting today...



Yeah. Pretty much.

Thirty years ago the societal moral code was a fair bit different from what it is today. Everyone's actions were viewed in a somewhat different light. And through a different lens. And the lens today is much more focussed and much less tolerant. So it is no wonder that behaviour that existed 3 decades ago has come under more intense focus and fire from the standard of society today.

With the advent of the internet and the subsequent surfacing of social media, acute awareness and global gossip has reached an all-time high. And as a result, people's past perversions and propensities have reached an all-time low...

At least, they have when we look at them through today's lens.

But is that fair?

Some would say yes. Higher morals should not allow for any transgression; however accepted or tolerated it was at the time it occurred. But shouldn't the consequences reflect that? Are people supposed to know better, when the world view (at the time) did not so much? We are the products of our environment. And as such, we echo and reverberate what we see hear and feel in our surroundings. So on that note, if atrocities are being committed wide-scale, and then things change and the atrocities stop (and people stop thinking that atrocities are okay), do we judge the atrocity doers in the light of the currently accepted and agreed upon viewpoint, or by the light of the viewpoint at the time of the atrocity?

That is a tough one to answer... Or not.

Maybe the whole thing is moot.

For there comes an idea to mind, throughout all this pondering. Is there really isn't any right or wrong? Or is there only popular opinion? I ponder this idea because what is right and wrong never stays the same. Decades pass and it seems to change. Though at the time people act like it is the ONLY right and the ONLY wrong. Which leads me to think that people cannot see much more than the immediate view. The pixel picture.

The most minute detail sitting right on the tips of their noses.

For those noses sure do like to get into it. Oh yes. They bury themselves quite enthusiastically in the doings and goings-on of others. And with that, there is such scorn and scrutiny. Judgment and begrudgment. It's like medieval times. The witch hunts. People love a good witch burning. But instead of doing it with sticks and fire, we do it with words and newsfeeds.

I'm not saying I approve of Kevin's acts. Though I do enjoy his acting. I am simply stating a perspective on the process at hand. For I believe it is important for us to be aware of what it is we are doing. And it is important for us to be aware of what others are doing. And if we only look at others and not ourselves, are we being fair?

You tell me.

It would appear that what is fair is that we remain mindful of ourselves, especially if we sit in judgment; lest we get carried away with our vindictiveness and become hypocrites to our own moral code. For who amongst us is without sin or human error? Let they who are so pure and innocent cast the first stone.

The human race is going through some stuff. Issues are becoming prevalent in the collective mindset. To the depths of my being I hope and pray that the end result is a better world for all. That all this light shed on the wrongdoings of others isn't just frivolous acts of self-righteousness. That there is a purpose to all of this. That it will lead us somewhere constructive, and helpful. And healing. Though as of yet I see very little evidence of that. I just see judgment. Ostracizing. Nobody talks about forgiveness.

Well, Robert Downey Jr. talked about forgiveness - for his friend Mel Gibson. It's on YouTube. Look it up. He made a good point.

So to anyone so quick to judge someone else, please just remember this:
We all live with pain.
We all want to do better.
We all are just struggling to find a way that that makes sense to us in our current state.
And we all are human.

Beings, that is.

Being how we are... until we learn how to do all of that better.

So we better find a way to help each other out.

Or back in, again.